Release Notes


Update introducing support for more output formats and ability to use transparency for PNG identicons.

New features:


A small release that adds support for Python 3 in addition to Python 2.7.

New features:


This is a very small release feature-wise, with a single bug-fix.

New features:

Bug fixes:


Initial release of Pydenticon. Implemented features:

  • Supported parameters for identicon generator (shared between multiple identicons): * Number of blocks in identicon (rows and columns). * Digest algorithm. * List of foreground colours to choose from. * Background colour.
  • Supported parameters when generating induvidual identicons: * Data that should be used for identicon generation. * Width and height of resulting image in pixels. * Padding around identicon (top, bottom, left, right). * Output format. * Inverted identicon (swaps foreground with background).
  • Support for PNG and ASCII format of resulting identicons.
  • Full documentation covering installation, usage, algorithm, privacy. API reference included as well.